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Welcome to Tradehouse - Free Local Classified Ads

The social trading community!

Tradehouse is a developing social classified ad community, where users can buy sell or trade with the help of your favourite social network and an interactive comments system! Register with us directly or with your preferred social network and start listing your classified ads or business services within minutes.

Manage your ads from your personalized "My ads" dashboard where you will have the option of featuring your ad on the Tradehouse homepage or you can "bump" your ads the the top of their category. Easily share your ads or bargains you find with your friends on any social network.

The Tradehouse mission is to build a classifieds trading community that stands apart from your "regular" classifieds and auction sites. We plan to do this by creating a social and fresh trading experience that allows you to bid and compete with other users for items via our live comments system.

Tradehouse is fully compatible with Android and Apple IOS platforms so you can access and manage your ads from any mobile device.


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When posting ads or commenting, Tradehouse does not recommend providing personal details such as name, address and phone number. This is not a safe or secure practice.

Please use the interactive comment system for negotiations and offers only, to send personal information between advertisers and sellers, use the contact form tab on the top right of the ad page.

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